Unique Fiber Art Bags!

Inspired by the need to grow a greener planet, Reincarnations makes exquisite, handmade, one-of-a-kind, hip and classic Fiber Art Bags for lap tops, iPads, e-readers and much more -- out of top quality recycled and repurposed materials such as wool and leather jackets, vintage fabrics, antique buttons, and leather belts.


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Plenty of different styles! From iPods to Eye Glasses. New bags added frequently!

Each one of our unique and original designs and styles are handmade in Harrisville, New Hampshire, an historic 19th Century Mill Village with 150 years of experience and craftsmanship in the art of woolen textiles.

Eco-Friendly, One-of-a-Kind Products: Exclusively from Reincarnations
The Gigabag iPad Case NetBook Sleeve AirSleeve eReader Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag
The Gigabag iPad Sleeve Net Sleeve Air Sleeve E-Reader Sleeve Tablet Sleeve Tote Bag